How to reach us?

Central Department of Sanskrit, University Campus, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

Why to join Sanskrit Department?

The Sanskrit literature is the mother of all the literature. Hence, to acquire the original knowledge of the world with updated courses and to be skillful to compete in the 21st Century world Sanskrit department has come up of with new vision adopting semester educational system.

How to apply?

All the graduated students from reputed University from all over the world including any graduated students from all the universities of Nepal can apply for master’s degree in Sanskrit or PGD in Yogic Science but students have to cross the internal entrance examination.

Transport facility is available from all corners of the capital?

We do not have our own transportation but the public transportation is available from all  the corners of the city to University premises.

What are extra activities?

The department organizes seminars and various programs in the area of Sanskrit.

Are there any awards and Scholarship packages?

Yes, There are gold medals for the toppers and scholarship packages for the genuine students.

What is the examination system?

The examination is based on the seminar, home assignment, open book test, internal assessment and final semester examination.

Are there any publications?

Yes, We do have departmental magazine named Sanskrita- Surabhi published yearly.

Is there online booking for admission?

No, interested individual must visit the department to be enrolled.

Are there libraries in the Department?

Yes, the department has an analog library. Furthermore, the University has also the Central Library of the Country which provides all sorts of library facilities to the interested people.

Is there theater hall and auditorium?

 Yes, the department has program hall and University has sufficient theater halls and auditoriums.