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In our Fozzy review, we’ve explored the diversity of their hosting services. Next up, we’ll put their performance to the test, so stay tuned. For those requiring maximum control and performance, Fozzy’s dedicated servers are an excellent choice. Their servers, such as the Dell PowerEdge R220, are built with high-quality hardware to ensure optimal performance.

We will listen very carefully to your feedback and if there is lack of resources at any point, we will consider changing specs of the plan. It may also be helpful to reach out to Fozzy’s sales or support team directly to address any specific questions or concerns you may have. They provide regional support via email 24x7x365 with an average response time of minutes. I wish they have live support option but nevertheless, we are getting too much and you will hardly create any support ticket. Along with shared hosting, Fozzy also serves ASP.Net hosting, managed & unmanaged VPS and whole cpu server if you need.

The company created multiple ways for the users to contact the support team and resolve the issue. Fozzy is an American web hosting service provider. The Dallas-based company served 75,000 customers in the last ten years.

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We conducted several speed tests to evaluate the performance of Fozzy’s servers. Our results were good with a server response time of 140ms which is short and make it a fast web hosting. In summary, Fozzy’s reseller hosting plans are designed with scalability in mind. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet or running a substantial reselling operation, there’s a plan for you. You can choose from the unmanaged servers that starts from $7.5/month and the managed ISP Managed and CentOS one that cost $11.4/month.

  • It may also be helpful to reach out to Fozzy’s sales or support team directly to address any specific questions or concerns you may have.
  • You can opt to make an upgrade to your dedicated CPU cores and memory to suit your gameplay needs.
  • Users can hold them accountable for the misdemeanors.
  • ⚡️The number of language versions of the website is not limited.

Most WP themes have limitations, and you have to compromise frequently. The website builder breaks the barriers, but you can always find a workaround to fix the issues. You can create multiple pages and customize them individually. The Fozzy website builder plan costs you $3 per month for using the add-on. However, it’s not a mandatory or exclusive product.

Fozzy Review – Best Underrated Hosting Of 2022

I was not surprised seeing the result because I hardly face any downtime or any hosting error. I have few of my important sites like BookFlow & Onplay News running on Fozzy and kept my site on Interserver for testing. Web hosting or cloud server providers should have high-end machines. The websites or games won’t perform at the highest capacity if you host the resources on a slower server. Fozzy has a high-spec server from a Dell manufacturer.

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Very true, what’s your excuse to not choose Fozzy? Tier 4, yes the best Tier 4 data centers in multiple locations around the globe. While chatting with their support on the Facebook page, I got to know that all of there DC are Tier 4. You get the choice to choose your server region from Russia, Netherland, Luxemborg, USA, Singapore & India. And guess what, if you choose Netherland, you are lucky enough to get dedicated IP for your website.

They have a wide range of cloud servers and hosting packages for customers. You can check out Fozzy’s official website and learn about the plans, or I have explained them below. Finding the right cloud hosting provider is a challenging task for a beginner. You research the company’s reputation, services, scalability, support team, etc.

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I am 100% satisfied client and can honestly say this host is trustworthy one. I am very pleased with service from Fozzy hosting provider. They have always been prompt and effectual in helping me. They have never failed to deliver…even having a live person answer the phone on a weekend within minutes…who then have their 2 tech support fix my issue within 45 minutes! The price depends on which type of hosting plan you choose.

Fozzy’s powerful dedicated servers are ranging between 160 INR/mo, to 7200 INR/mo. Game panels differ with each game server as well as the mod activation procedure. Detailed instructions for each game are given on Fozzy’s Knowledge Base. Many players rent a gaming server host for the purpose of being able to use mods while playing with friends.

Reliable, easy to manage, a good interface, has done a great job for my client for over a year now. Shopper Approved is a third-party rating and review company. We actively collect reviews from actual verified customers, which helps more accurately reflect customer’s overall satisfaction with companies who use our service. Get 10% off any shared hosting package at with this promo code. You will also receive a Free domain with every order.

For good quality, reliable and fast hosting at a very competitive price level it is hard to better. I love service, they are always prompt with any issues I have and I can actually speak to someone on the phone. They offer FREE for Life with Annual Registrations – this what I also like about them. I developed my WordPress Website with optimum speed using the available softaculous addon in the cpanel. I am also have two addon sites with same hosting plan. If you’re in the business of selling web hosting services or managing multiple websites, Fozzy’s reseller hosting packages could be of interest.

After all, the mass amount of users are always lurking and surfing over the internet these days. Hence, what better way to put your potential out there, than your own website? Whether you are a blogger, architect or even a doctor, everyone needs their own website. They are like a digital visiting card, only better. However, in order for the website to meet your business goals, you need to enlist premium quality web hosting for your website. Otherwise, without the fastest and most stable hosting, your website will just lag and will be highly unresponsive.

Seriously, what they offer in their shared hosting plan is mostly what an individual expects in one plate. Like, when I search for hosting my basic expectations are SSD, Litespeed server, LSCache enabled, Free SSL, Php 7.0+ and server at desired location. In most cases I land up in confusion between two host because either of them is one feature short and other is having that in given budget. As a web freelancer, Fozzy web hosting covers all my required needs in hosting a website. Hosting by Fozzy has been my personal favorite since 2017.

Fozzy Review – Pros and Cons

However, what you might not have heard of is that this phrase can be termed as the most accurate way to describe websites. What is the most efficient way to boost online business? Not only are they capable of indulging potential clients, but they are also a great and necessary path towards making your business thrive. Let’s just be honest; nowadays, if your work does not exist over the Internet, then it means it doesn’t exist, period. Each successful organization and brand name is taking initiatives to reach out to their clients online.

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The company has existed for over ten years and served 75,000 clients globally. Let us know what you think about Fozzy in the comment section. We can say that the generally positive customer feedback for Fozzy web hosting can also apply to its game servers. This can be expected since both services benefit from the company’s years of experience and infrastructure. Fozzy game server hosting is the perfect example of the “quality over quantity” principle.

Many WordPress sites have experienced security issues with intentional attacks from privacy invaders, scammers, and competitors. Fortunately, the Fozzy team has protection layers for the users. You can protect your business site or blog from all sorts of attacks. Website builder allows users to create customized sites without assistance from developers. You don’t have to rely on WordPress or themes from the market.

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For a monthly fee of $105, you get a robust machine equipped with 32 GB RAM and 2 x 1 TB SATA storage. Powered by a quad-core processor that supports eight threads, this server provides the processing power necessary for demanding tasks. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. My recommendation is to start with a cheaper plan. Fozzy can help you with the migration to a more expensive plan.

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